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Offers a unique style of training that benefits your families Fitness  goals.  From Youth Speed/Agility Clinics, Adult Functional Fitness Classes, High School/ College student-athletes Strength Training, GTSP has you covered!

Every member of GTSP is an athlete!...the level of competition varies for individuals. We all train to conquer and succeed, at the sport of life! Our training is designed to educate all on achieving their bodies full potential.


GTSP workouts begin with body recognition and awareness. Learning and developing proper muscle coordination flexibility and body control. Our workouts are comprised of body weight, core, isometric, plyometrics exercises. 

An array of equipment; kettlebells, rope, dumbbell, sleds, exercise balls, medicine balls, sandbags, weighted sticks, bosu-balls, rubber bands, plyo boxes and traditional weights. 

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals and obtain your fitness lifestyle

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